TJ Mayer's Blue & white PITCHER

 106 -259
Price ($AU):
 H 11.25" or 29 cm's.

Extremely RARE . MUSEUM QUALITY - TJ.& J. MAYER'S HIGH RELIEF-MOULDED SALT-GLAZE PITCHER in BLUE & WHITE. Bears the Registration Mark for July 2nd 1850. The MARK is Coat of Arms Patent, Dalehall Pottery, Longport. The scene represents depicts a boy climbing and bird-nesting in a tree. In his efforts to reach the nest holding three fledglings, and one bird testing his wings outside this protection; the lad snags his jacket on a branch. Finally, he masters the climb, and the next scene is with him sitting on a branch together with the nest and young birds in his lap, his left hand gripping a branch for security. The mother bird arrives complete with a worm and is clearly distressed. The white porcelain branches inter-twine with the tree trunk of faux blue bark, to form a handle. A most unusual and interesting piece. Refer to the Late Peter Cook's book, The Antique Buyer's Guide for Australia. ( TV program "For Love or Money" panelist & owner of Grafton Galleries, Sydney). Page 137. Marked: T.J. & J. Mayers- Patent-Dale Hall Pottery. Burslem, Staffordshire.